Data Sources

The ETER database contains data and indicators from a variety of sources and through different processes.

Data derived from the UOE data collection on educational statistics

Primary data are the same as those in the country and regional education and training statistics published by EUROSTAT but disaggregated at the institutional level. These data are provided by National Statistical Authorities (NSAs) or Higher Education Ministries. For a few countries, they are collected by the ETER team from official sources, such as the NSAs’ websites.

Belgium (Wallonia)
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Data collected by the ETER project team from public sources

Such sources include institutional websites and NSA websites. These include data such as foundation years, demographic events, and institutional addresses.

Data derived from existing databases at the European and international level

  • credit mobility supported by the Erasmus program, data on researcher’s mobility funded by European Framework Programs from the EUPRO database
  • data on quality assurance from the DEQAR database.