Downloading Data

Our web application enables users to perform the following activities:

  • Downloading the ETER micro data through the ETER web application. This page opens a search interface where it is possible to search HEIs based on the reference year, their name and/or country. Once the list has been generated, it is possible to export the data in different formats. To export the full dataset, simply perform the search inserting nothing in the search options.
  • Downloading information about country level metadata. Metadata provide important information on methodological issues, data sources and departures from definitions and thus are an important complement to the dataset. It is possible to download the metadata for all selected countries and years in a separate MS-Excel file.

A guidance on how to use the ETER interface, including the visualisation options can be downloaded here. 

The whole ETER dataset as of 27th of April 2023 is also available at