Information for Data Providers

The ETER Handbook is the key information resource for national institutions uploading annual statistical data to ETER. It provides a detailed description of the methodology and process of the data collection in ETER, covering the following main items:

  • The basic conceptual principles for ETER data collection (chapter 2).
  • The ETER data sources and data collection process (chapter 3).
  • The definition of the perimeter of Higher Education Institutions to be included (chapter 4).
  • The list of classifications to be used for different types of data, including students, graduates and personnel (chapter 5).
  • The definitions of the variables to be collected (chapter 6).
  • The definition and procedures for calculating indicators in ETER (chapter 7).
  • The procedures for data validation, quality control and production of metadata (chapter8).
  • The description of the ETER technical infrastructure (chapter 9).