European Tertiary Education Register (ETER): Past, present and future

Kick-off Meeting of the new ETER contract

MAY 29, 2021 @ 14:00

Presenter: Lepori, Benedetto; Lambrechts, Agata; Wagner-Schuster, Daniel; Schön, Lisa; Zahradnik, Georg; Scherngell, Thomas

The goals of the meeting was to:

– Introduce ETER and its current status.

– Present the new contract, its goals, and the organization.

– Present the organization of the first round of data collection.

– Introduce the dissemination activities foreseen.

– Answer  questions.

The meeting was introduced by Kinga Szuly, Head of Sector at DG EAC, followed by a presentation by consortium members and a Q&A session.

The meeting was aimed at members of the consortium, national experts, and representatives of ministries and NSAs, who are involved in the contract.

Lepori, Benedetto, Lambrechts, Agata, Wagner-Schuster, Daniel, Schön, Lisa, Zahradnik, Georg, & Scherngell, Thomas. (2021, May 20). European Tertiary Education Register (ETER): Past, present and future. Zenodo.